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Frequently Asked Questions

My iCloud notes aren’t indexing

iCloud files must be fully downloaded before they can be indexed by nvUltra.

Help, I deleted the contents of my note!

Because nvUltra treats folders as the document object, normal macOS file versioning isn’t available. You can simply use the Fileâ–¸Edit File command to open the note in an appropriate editor that supports versioning and use the “Revert To” functionality there.

My links aren’t clickable

nvUltra only makes Markdown links clickable, not raw urls. If you want a link in your note to be clickable (in both editor and preview), surround it in angle brackets (<url>) or make it a full Markdown link ([title](url)).

I can’t open a file

nvUltra opens folders, not files. Once you open a folder, you’ll have access to all of the files it contains. If you want to add a single file to the notebook, you can simply drag it into the file list and it will be copied into that Notebook’s folder.

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