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Preferences: Editing

Editing Preference Pane
Editing Preference Pane

Smart Editing Features

Enable smart pairs
Automatically insert the closing character of a pair when typing the opening character. Pairs are defined in the “Smart Pairs” text field as a string containing the open/close characters of each pair. The opening and closing characters may be the same or different.
“Type over” periods
If a period is typed while the caret is to the left of a period, the caret will advance without typing an additional period.
Autocomplete labels/footnotes
When these are enabled, typing within square brackets will autocomplete with available labels (link labels, anchors, footnote labels).
Use elastic tabstops
Allows flexible tab stops to automatically keep tabs aligned.

Override macOS Preferences

Use these options to override system-wide settings.

“Smart Links” work at the time you are typing, adding attributes to the rich text. This does not persist when you re-open a plain text file.

After Hitting ‘Return’

These options determine the behavior of the “smart return” feature.

Append ‘#’ to end of headings
For ATX headers, add matched hashmarks to the end of the title on return.
E.g. ## Title becomes ## Title ##
Apply “Title Case” capitalization to headings
When hitting return after a header, apply title casing.
E.g. ## My section title becomes ## My Section Title
Automatically format next list item
When pressing return after a list item, add appropriate indentation and bullet/number to continue the current list.
Hitting return again will end the current list and put the caret on a blank line.
Skip line between list items
Based on your own readability preferences, you may like to have an extra line break automatically inserted when starting a new list item.
Duplicate current list spacing
This option will intelligently apply the previous spacing to the new list item.
Automatically insert ‘>’ in blockquotes
When pressing return inside a block quote, automatically add > at the beginning of the new line (or multiple > within nested block quotes).
Hitting return again will end the current level of block quoting (repeat to end nested quotes), leaving the caret on a blank line.
Automatically indent new lines in code blocks
While editing within a code block, automatically maintain indentation for new lines.
Hitting return on an empty line will reduce the indentation by one until the caret is at 0.
Automatically format next line in tables
When editing a table, starting a new line inserts a pipe character.
Hitting return again without typing anything ends table editing.
Automatically enter linebreak if preceding line had one
If a manual line break has been added (two spaces at the end of the line), automatically add it to the next line. This continues until a double newline (pressing return twice in a row).


Make URLs clickable
Makes recognized URLs in the editor into clickable links
Use WikiLinks
Allows text surrounded by double square brackets to function as inter-note links. See Features/Wiki Links for details.

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